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Busy Bees Art & Craft

Busy Bees offers a comprehensive set of Art and Craft books divided into two sections, Busy Bees Art and Busy Bees Craft. This series showcases children’s creative work and is designed for young learners, emphasizing fun, art exploration, conceptual links, techniques, processes, and creativity using diverse materials. Children are introduced to art in an engaging manner, focusing on the creative process. They learn new skills to craft projects and wearable art pieces.

(A, B, C, Grade I-VIII)

Busy Bees Juniors (Buzzing Beyond. . .)

Blossoming Brilliance stands as a meticulously curated ensemble of pre-primary educational resources, serving as a guiding light for the curious minds of children aged 3 to 6. Rooted deeply in the principles of Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE), Foundational Literacy and Numeracy (FLN), and the essential 4C’s (Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity), the series presents an enchanting array of educational tools. With its commitment to pedagogical excellence, it propels the approach to early childhood education to soaring new heights.

(for Early Readers Ages 3-6)

Brain Booster Plus

The New Brain Booster has been upgraded to Brain Booster Plus, an enhanced version of the popular General Knowledge series. With fresh information and updates, it aims to continue its successful knowledge-sharing journey. The ‘Plus’ signifies significant improvements based on valuable feedback and innovative teaching concepts gathered over a decade. This revamped edition raises standards in knowledge sharing, encouraging children to explore the vast world of information with renewed curiosity and enthusiasm.

(Grade I-VIII)

Inspiring Souls

Inspiring Souls comprises ten meticulously crafted titles, spanning from Part 1 to 10, dedicated to exploring Life’s essence through Moral Values and Life Skills. Tailored to nurture the tender souls of children, the series instills ethical principles and vital competencies, laying the groundwork for future generations’ prosperity. Each segment intricately blends moral values and life skills, with a gradual emphasis on the latter as children progress through higher grades. This deliberate approach equips every child with the necessary tools to gracefully navigate life’s intricacies and challenges.

(Grade I-X)

Aao Vyakran Seekhey

Aao Vyakran Seekhey unfolds as an insightful Hindi grammar series, comprising eight meticulously curated books. Each title intricately explores the subtleties of grammar in a structured manner. Thoughtfully designed with children’s learning experiences in mind, the series aims to infuse joy into the process of understanding grammar, catering to their developmental levels with precision.

(Grade I-VIII)

Riseup Art And Craft

The Riseup Art & Craft series is a treasure trove of ideas that simplifies the creation of art and craft projects, offering a delightful array of do-it-yourself (DIY) activities. These books foster creativity in children, providing a therapeutic path to personal and artistic exploration. With 11 books spanning K-VIII, the series prioritizes learning over teaching, aiming to introduce students to the fundamentals of art and craft in line with the National Curriculum Framework (NCF). Emphasizing the importance of art education, it advocates for its inclusion as a compulsory part of the school curriculum, both as a tool and a subject.

(A, B, C, Grade I-VIII)

Science Scope (The vision beyond. . .)

Science Scope is tailored to captivate the boundless curiosity of young learners, providing comprehensive answers to their growing inquiries. With 9 books covering K-8, it offers lucid explanations, detailed diagrams simplifying intricate theories, and rich illustrations to deepen scientific understanding. Paired with Twisted Wires, an activity booklet containing chapter-specific worksheets, this series presents an interactive approach for students to delve into diverse scientific concepts with enthusiasm.

(Primer, Grade I-VIII)

Hindi Manthan Pathya Pustak

Hindi Manthan is a meticulously crafted series of eight books designed to enhance students’ proficiency in Hindi language and literature. Aligned with the National Curriculum Framework (NCF), this series offers a comprehensive selection of age-appropriate content, including unique stories, excerpts, dramas, essays, and autobiographies. It emphasizes on nurturing both creative and critical thinking skills among students. The content is carefully curated to stimulate imagination, encourage analytical thinking, and promote deeper understanding of literary concepts.

(Grade I-VIII)

Bouncy Bears (Little feet. . . big steps!)

Bouncy Bears is the Preschool Readiness Pack for young minds. This comprehensive set covers early school years’ material, providing children with a strong foundation. The series of thirty-one books, graded into three levels, is supported by a solid structural framework, facilitating gradual development of learning skills, reading vocabulary, and stamina. Packaged in an eco-friendly bag, it also includes free animated and interactive digital support for teachers, aiding children in their reading journey.

(Level - 1, Level - 2, Level - 3)